IWS Holdings


Aviation is all about reaching the skies and facilitating connectivity from one destination to another, while promoting tourism, global trade and foreign investment. It also offers a new perspective to the privileged traveller, while actively engaging in various requirements of the aviation fleet from emergency situations, providing transport for leisure / tourism requirements.

IWS Aviation has the best professionals to engage its operations to ensure the reliability and safety of both the passengers and the aircraft.

IWS Aviation (Private) Limited

IWS Aviation established in 2005 proposes to offer a wide range of domestic services that would help meet the growing needs of the commercial aviation industry in Sri Lanka as well as other parts of the world. This includes domestic passenger / cargo and special charter flights along Sri Lanka's popular air routes.

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Comexco International (Private) Limited

With a vast amount of experience and knowledge stored within the walls of Comexco International, it provides a broad range of aviation related products and services, in addition to conducting specialized training programs for the industry personnel.

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