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Comexco International (Private) Limited

With a vast amount of experience and knowledge stored within the walls of Comexco International, it provides a broad range of aviation related products and services, in addition to conducting specialized training programs for the industry personnel.

The company's services include repairs of aircraft engines for the Sri Lanka Air Force and leading private sector domestic airlines while initiating service clinics aimed at enhancing overall standards of maintenance and safety.

In order to deliver excellence the company has partnered with a large number of leading global manufacturers of aircraft engines and equipment as their sole representatives in Sri Lanka. With over two decades of experience in providing services to the aviation industry, the company possesses the technical support of the principals, complimented by skilled and specialized personnel.

Comexco International (Private) Limited

IWS Centre
451 Kandy Road, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 11 5394200
Fax : +94 11 2910469
Email : comexco@dynanet.lk

Contact Person

Ms. Dilini Prabuddhi
Operations Coordinator

Tel : +94 115 394 369

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