IWS Holdings

Communication & IT

The Tertiary economic sector is the leader among the three main economic segments of Sri Lanka, which is improving at a rapid rate almost on par with the global Information Communication Technological advancement. Even within IWS Holdings, Communication and IT units powered by innovation, commitment and superior quality is a vibrant segment of the group, As a group that has continually made history in the progressive growth of Sri Lankan economy, we are proud to be the leading provider of wireless communication and the first to introduce Public Trunking Technology in South Asia.

Dynacom Electronics (Private) Limited

The company was established in 1990 as the official distributor for Motorola Communications – Land Mobile Product Sector of the USA. In 1993 it introduced the first ever Radio Trunking technology to South Asia. Today the company boasts over 90% market share in the rapidly developing mobile radio communication industry.

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Dynacom Engineering (Private) Limited

Dynacom Engineering (Private) Limited established in 1990 is a trusted name for two-way radio communication services in Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this company is to rent two-way communication equipment to companies who require fast and efficient communication (walkie-talkies). Dynacom Engineering has two business modules known as "Trunknet" and "Talknet".

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Dynatel Communications (Private) Limited

Dynatel Communications established in 1994 is a leading HF and Satellite Communication provider who supplies high frequency radio communication services to our clients. Our service includes, importation, installation, training facilities to our clients.

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Dynanet Limited

Dynanet which commenced operations in 1997 is a licensed Internet Service Provider in Sri Lanka. Being one of the key gatekeepers to online business in the country it provides high speed lease lines and internet services to both the commercial and residential sectors. In addition the company has its own hosted services and Cisco infrastructure to deliver seamless service to a variety of industries.

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IWS Geographical Information Systems (Private) Limited

Established in 2004, IWS Geographical Systems is Sri Lanka's pioneer in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and GPS based consumer electronics. It was the first company in Sri Lanka to obtain a license from the Survey Department to edit and modify the layers of electronic mapping.

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