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Dynacom Engineering (Private) Limited

Dynacom Engineering (Private) Limited established in 1990 is a trusted name for two-way radio communication services in Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this company is to rent two-way communication equipment to companies who require fast and efficient communication (walkie-talkies). Dynacom Engineering has two business modules known as "Trunknet" and "Talknet".

"Trunknet" communication goes through a system which can provide one to one or one to many communication capabilities. The system can provide a single client with many talk groups and these services are provided within Greater Colombo area where one can communicate through the "Trunknet" Radio System at approximately 40 to 50 kms radius where as "Talknet" provides one to one communication in the most rural area of the country.

The company is proud to be the first and only public trunking two way radio communications provider in the country and was the first ever such operator in South Asia.

The company also pioneered ship-to-shore communication in Sri Lanka and has three dedicated sites for providing trunk radio services.
1) For communication system in providing services in the Colombo and greater Colombo area.
2) Trunknet provides total communication system exclusively to all international airlines at the Colombo International airport.
3) Trunknet provides state of the art digital Motorola Motorturbo technique, exclusively to the operations and logistics division of Sri Lankan Airlines.
4) Trunknet provides total communication solutions to Colombo Port and Hambantota Port, and also to Sri Lankan Airlines, Bandaranayake International Airport as well as Mattala International Airport

Dynacom Engineering / Trunk Radio System provides total communication system to many leading hotels, courier services, construction companies and many other users who requires fast and efficient communication services.

Dynacom Engineering Trunking Service takes care the requirement of frequency allocation, defense clearance, power charges and all other Telecommunication Regulatory requirements so our clients do not need to get any of those regulatory requirements. This gives the ability to provide equipment off the shelf.

The company provides an excellent service at its fully equipped workshop which is certified by Motorola, available 24x7 and the 1-1 replacement plan in case of any unforeseen problem. This has gained an excellent reputation for reliability and expertise. Dynacom Engineering (Private) Limited is a Board of Investment (BOI) approved company that enjoys an operational license from the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.

Dynacom Engineering (Private) Limited

IWS Centre
451 Kandy Road, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 11 5394 272
Fax : +94 11 2910 469
+94 11 2910 797
Email : trunknetfinance@dynanet.lk

Contact Person

Ms. Sudeshi Nilushani

Tel : +94 11 5394 381
Mobile : +94 77 8645 863

Mr. Supun Wijesena
Sales Manager

Tel : +94 11 5394 271
Mobile : +94 77 7343 943

Mr. Buddhika Jayawardane
Technical Engineer

Tel : +94 11 5394 281
Mobile : +94 77 2972 493

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