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IWS Geographical Information Systems (Private) Limited

Established in 2004, IWS Geographical Systems is Sri Lanka's pioneer in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and GPS based consumer electronics. It was the first company in Sri Lanka to obtain a license from the Survey Department to edit and modify the layers of electronic mapping.

The company using its own independent geographical data gathering in Sri Lanka has built a unique and enhanced digital data base which is used as its primary proprietary resource for its entire location based services island wide. It is in a position to provide electronic mapping solutions to any organization that needs it.

In 2005 a revolutionary Satellite and Vehicle Monitoring and Management system named 'TrackerLite' was introduced. The system which has optional add-on security features is in the forefront of GPS Vehicle Monitoring / Management Development activities in the country. IWS GIS collaborated with NAVTAQ (Partner of NOKIA) to provide satellite data base and information to develop GIS base mapping. We are in a position to give services to any outside clients who requires the services of the GIS field.

IWS Geographical Information Systems (Private) Limited

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