IWS Holdings


With the rising demand for materials being diversified as a direct correlation of technological innovation and global availability of products, the requirements for extreme quality, cost and delivery are at the pinnacle of becoming ever more sophisticated.

That's where Industries play a pivotal role in all modern economies. We strive to accurately depict the requirements of the market and to transcend the provision of logistical functions to cater to the ideal solutions to our clients.

Germania Colombo (Private) Limited

Germania Colombo established in 1982 is specialized in trading activities with some of the world's top manufacturers and trading houses. The core business of the company is importing and distributing a wide range of materials. During the past the company has been the leading importer of fertilizers and other agrichemicals.

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IWS Engineering Services (Private) Limited

IWS Engineering Services established in 2004 is an engineering company with special focus on infrastructure development. The company's objective is to be a ground-breaking project integration arm, spanning all areas of operations, from pre-integration to consultancy services and project management.

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