IWS Holdings

Logistics & Warehousing

Our symbiotic range of companies in this sector offers a broad array of logistics, warehousing and related services to facilitate freight movements from origin to destination. We focus on providing customers with an integrated package of warehousing and freight handling services that is customized to their specific air, shipping patterns and inventory needs.

APL Lanka (Private) Limited

As an Ocean Shipping and Container Transportation expert under a parent of a proud history exceeding 165 years, APL Lanka stands on a higher platform of knowledge and expertise via an integrated network of intelligence and skills.

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IWS Logistics (Private) Limited

IWS Logistics is a Board of Investment (BOI) approved company which aims to lead the industry by utilizing world-class technology to provide solutions for complex logistic requirements.

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Interfreight Haulage Limited

We have emerged as a leader in the logistics and warehousing industry with its professional haulage services which include Clearing, Forwarding, Transportation, Handling, Loading and Unloading of Cargo storage and maintaining inventories as per the client's requirements.

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