From world-class manufacturing solutions to dedicated after-sales teams, IWS Holdings is every client’s preferred partner in large-scale projects. IWS Holdings provides invaluable support and guidance when:

  • Procuring supplies (aligning with high quality suppliers, negotiating the best prices and standardizing products),
  • Managing inventory (maximize space, improve product availability and reduce inventory management time),
  • Operating within strict deadlines (clear timelines and resource allocation),
  • Managing safety,
  • Operating sustainably (reduce energy costs, manage water consumption and minimize pollution) and
  • Providing after-sales service.
Germania Colombo
(Private) Limited

Germania Colombo was established as an importer and distributor of a variety of specialist materials, fertilizers and agrichemicals.

IWS Engineering Services
(Private) Limited

Founded in 2004, IWS Engineering Services was established to aide Sri Lanka’s infrastructural development as a project integration arm.

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