A strategically diversified conglomerate with a mission to enrich and the vision to bring excellence in meeting customer needs

As one of the largest diversified companies in Sri Lanka we own and manage a varied portfolio of industries - Automobile, Aviation, Communication and IT, Food Processing & Packaging, Industrial, Leisure, Warehousing & Logistics and Mass Media dealing with general trading, TV, transport/logistics, port terminal operations, communications, electronics, information technology, automobile franchises, engineering services and retailing satellite transmissions.

Guided by dynamic leadership and strong management, we thrive in a corporate culture that places a premium on performance to meet and exceed industry performance benchmarks while remaining true to our core values.

At the roots of our growth, lies a clear and decisive strategic plan continuously improved and implemented by management over the years.

Our mission : to bring about profound economic enrichment to Sri Lanka, to enhance the quality of life of any given individual and the vision to excel in meeting our customer needs, ensures our undisputed position as industry leader in several of our business lines.

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IWS in the news

Iws aviation launches exclusive domestic helicopter charter services
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Launch of the new Porsche Macan in Sri Lanka
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Jaguar F-Type Launched
The New Jaguar F-Type Launch in Sri Lanka
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Social Responsibility

Under the guidance of incumbent of Sellakataragama Mahasena Raja Maha Viharaya, Ven.Padawgama Jinananda, and incumbent of Waturuwa Raja Maha Viharaya Ven. Denagama Dhammaratana; in loving memory of late Mr Alastair Yasvanth Senanayake his family (Mr Arthur Senanayake - Chairman of IWS group of companies and Mrs. Edna Senanayake and his beloved sisters...

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Yasvanth Golden Temple
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